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Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card Balance

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Dunkin Donuts gift cards are perfect for those who love coffee and donuts, or just coffee, or just donuts. The versatility of a Dunkin Donuts gift card is why so many people enjoy them. Keep reading below for some common questions and answers about Dunkin Donuts gift cards.

Tip: You can earn free Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards on Swagbucks. The popular rewards app has paid users over $680 million in free gift card and PayPal cash rewards.

How Do I Check My Dunkin Donuts Gift Card Balance?

  • Go to and enter your card number and PIN.
  • Ask an employee at a local store.
  • Or by phone call (800) 447-0013 and select Option 2 to check your Dunkin donuts gift card balance over the phone.

Where is the Pin on Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards?

The pin for your Dunkin Donuts gift card is located on the back of your card, generally on the bottom right of the card.

Sometimes the pin numbers are covered, but you can easily reveal by using a coin to scratch off the covering. If your card doesn’t have a pin, you should call (800) 447-0013 for assistance.

You need both the card number and pin to check your Dunkin donuts gift card balance.

Do Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards Expire?

  • That is one of the great things about Dunkin donuts gift cards, they never expire. If you have an old gift card and aren’t sure how much is on it, check your Dunkin donuts gift card balance at your local store location or online. You might be in for a surprise.
  • Since these gift cards don’t expire, once they are empty you can actually reload them and your local Dunkin donuts.

How Do I Pay with the Dunkin Donuts App?

  • Paying with the Dunkin Donuts app is easy. Once you have downloaded the Dunkin donuts app from your app store you can register a Dunkin card and add funds to it.
  • You can use this card balance to pay for your food and drinks until it runs out.
  • Once your card balance is $0.00 you can manually add more funds, or you can have it set up to automatically reload the card.
  • All of this can be done within the app.’

Can I Use My Dunkin Donuts Gift Card at Baskin Robbins?

  • Yes, you can use your Dunkin Donuts gift card at participating Baskin Robbins locations. The two chains are paired together and owned by the same company.
  • You can use a Dunkin Donuts gift card at Baskin Robbins, and you can also use a Baskin Robbins gift card at Dunkin Donuts. Sometimes the two retailers even operate combination stores offering both restaurants.

Other FAQs About Dunkin Donuts Gift Cards

Does Dunkin have $10 gift cards?

  • Yes, you can get a $10 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. They also have cards in a variety of other increments, such as $5, $25, and $50. On Swagbucks, you can even redeem your free app reward earnings for a $3 Dunkin’ Donuts card.
  • You can purchase both a physical gift card or an e gift card on the Dunkin donuts website, and physical gift cards are located at all Dunkin donuts locations.

Are Dunkin gift cards reloadable?

  • Yes, Dunkin donuts gift cards are reloadable. Once you’ve used your entire Dunkin donuts gift card balance you can reload your Dunkin donuts gift card at any Dunkin donuts location.
  • You can also reload Dunkin donuts gift cards on the Dunkin donuts app.

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