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Gift Cards

Walmart Visa Gift Card

By March 3, 2022May 13th, 2022No Comments

Accepted anywhere that Visa credit and debit cards are, the Walmart Visa gift card is a great way to celebrate or honor someone even if you don’t know a lot about their personal tastes or what they might need.

Gift cards can be used as the payment method for most purchases but are restricted from being used for recurring payments, or to pay a new gift card. Let’s find some ways to save money, get the most out of your gift card, and even get some cash back on your transaction. Are you ready?

How Can I Get Discounted Walmart or Visa Gift Cards?

There are several ways to get discounted gift cards plus additional ways to save money while using them for the maximum bang for your gift card bucks. As always, it is highly recommended that you become a member of Swagbucks to save on purchases online or in the store, including the purchase of gift cards.

  • Shop online at Walmart through the Swagbucks link and get cashback worth 12% with your first gift card redemption plus 2% discounts and other possible deals. Pay with your credit card and get an additional $30 cashback.
  • Raise lets you buy and sell gift cards. Buy through the Swagbucks link and get 1% cashback on every order plus use the available discounts to save 30% on thousands of cards. New customers get an extra 15% off select cards, including the Walmart Visa gift card. While there, sign up for email and text message alerts to get another discount of $10 off any order of $100 or more.
  • Buy discounted gift cards at stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Additional Places to Buy Discounted Walmart Visa Gift Cards

Can You Use Walmart Visa Gift Card Anywhere?

The Walmart Visa Gift Card can be used anywhere in the US, the District of Columbia excluding Puerto Rico and the US-held territories. There are other restrictions for how and where it can be used.

  • It can be used at a gas station but cannot be used for transactions where you pay at the gas pump.
  • It cannot be used for certain utility payments or to pay a recurring bill such as for a subscription of any kind.
  • You cannot use a gift card to buy another gift card.
  • Online payments may require that the card be activated before the transaction occurs.
  • You cannot use the card for cash withdrawals of any kind.

Does Walmart Charge a Fee For Visa Gift Cards?

Yes, there is a fee for purchasing a Visa Gift Card that may depend on the type of card you are buying and how much the gift card will be worth. There is no fee for using the card at the Walmart store or at

Fees for purchasing the gift card

  • For Fixed denomination cards, the amount of the fee is a maximum of $5.44. The amount is listed on the front of the card.
  • For the variable denomination cards, the amount is a maximum of $4.94.
  • For some cards, there may be a monthly fee if it has not been used for a full year. The fee is not charged for all cards though. Fees, including any monthly fees, are explained in the insert that is included with the card.

Why Do Visa Gift Cards Not Work at Walmart?

You are allowed to use the Visa gift card at Walmart stores and online. There may be times when the card is not being accepted though. Problems can occur that may make the card be declined for payment.

Common WalmartVisa gift card issues can include:

  • Improperly entered card number.
  • The card may require a pin to be used.
  • You may not have sufficient funds for the transaction.
  • The card may need to be activated.

To prevent these Walmart Visa gift card issues:

  • Check your card balance before shopping. You can use the automated phone system with the number listed on the back of the card or go to the website directly.
  • Confirm that the card will be automatically activated when used or activate it on the website.

How Long Does it Take for a Walmart Visa Gift Card to Activate?

The best answer here is “it depends”. Some cards will automatically activate at the time of purchase and others must be activated by phone or online. It is important to note that some cards may take up to two days to be ready to use once they have been activated.

After completing the activation process, check the card balance. If the card is still showing a zero balance or an error message displays, wait for several hours to try again. If the card does not update within two days, contact customer service.

If you try to activate your card and have no success and you feel that you have been scammed in any way, contact customer service immediately.

Do Walmart Visa Gift Cards Expire?

No, the cards themselves do not expire. If you have a remaining balance on the card and it is not working for any reason, contact customer service so that you can be issued a replacement card.

How Do I Put Money on a Walmart Visa Gift Card?

You have several options to put more money on your Walmart Visa gift card. The option is only available for select, reloadable cards.

These include:

  • Rapid Reload
  • The Walmart MoneyPak App
  • Money Pak

To use Rapid Reload:

  • Take your current card to a cashier. Ask for a rapid reload, give the amount you are adding to the card, and then when asked to do so, swipe the card.
  • The amount added should be available within 10 minutes of completion.
  • A $3 fee will be charged for Rapid Reload transactions.

To use the MoneyPak App:

  • The app can be used to add any amount between $20 and $1500.
  • You can make up to three deposits to your card per day.
  • The app can only be used to reload cards with the cashback rewards program.
  • There is no fee to use the app.

To use Money Pak:

  • There is a $3 fee to use this option at Wal Mart stores
  • There is no fee when using the website.
  • If using the website, follow the onscreen directions. Once your information has been entered the first time it will be saved so your next transactions will be faster and easier.
  • The deposited money should be available within 10 minutes.

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