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Your Guide to Military Discounts: Where to Get Them & Who Qualifies

By October 19, 2021September 13th, 2022No Comments

By: Danielle Pietersen | October 19th, 2021

Military discounts are common and plentiful. Many companies want to say thank you to the military and offer significant discounts. There are a few groups who can qualify for the discounts.

  • Active duty military personnel
  • Veterans
  • Military dependents
  • Retired military personnel
  • Reservists and members of the national guard 

What Discounts Do You Get In The U.S Military?

Not all stores give discounts. Each store may have slightly different rules about who qualifies to receive the discount and what proof of ID they need. You’ll quickly get to know which stores near you offer discounts. As a habit, carry ID when you shop, remember to ask for discounts in-store, and check for discounts and coupons when you shop online.

Do Spouses Get Military Discounts?

Military family members can usually get military discounts. Immediate family, like military spouses and children, can get most of the discounts available. Each store has different rules, but discounts are available to the spouses and dependents of active duty, retirees, veterans, reservists, and the national guard.

How Do I Check My Military Discount? 

The best way to find out if a store offers discounts is to ask. A quick Google search will also usually give you a pretty good idea of what discounts are available. You might need to actually go to the store to find out what proof they need. Some sort of military ID is the most common form and some online stores just require a valid email military email address.

Third-Party Identity Verification

More and more stores are using sites like and SheerID. These sites offer an identity verification service that makes the process quicker and easier for both the stores and the customers. It’s especially convenient when you’re shopping online.

Basically, you provide the website with proof of identification, and then when you want to make online purchases, you use their verification to prove that you qualify. It takes a lot of stress out of the process and makes access to online discounts so much easier. 

The only frustration is that certain online stores might require you to register with a specific site and not accept verification from others. Signing up at multiple sites can be time-consuming, but at least once it’s done you can get discounts at a variety of stores.

Why Do Military Members Get Discounts? 

Stores and companies want to show their gratitude to service members. They offer many perks and benefits to active and retired military members as well as veterans. One of the ways they say thank you is by offering discounts. Other ways can include offering jobs and training to veterans and retired military personnel.

What Stores And Brands Give Discounts? 

There are very long lists available online. The discounts that brands and stores offer change often, but it’s easy to find current and updated lists online.

How Else Can I Get Discounts?

If you can’t find a military-specific discount, or you don’t qualify for the discount at a certain store, there are still lots of options available to help you save and get the best deals.

Shop The Sales

Most stores offer sales at certain times of the year. Waiting for sales is a great way to make some big savings. Black Friday is one of the biggest sales and the best time to make some big savings. Some stores, like Cabela’s, even allow you to use your military discount in combination with sales and promotions. Read about some of the great savings you can expect from Cabela’s Black Friday 2021

Sign Up For A Rewards Program

A rewards program like Swagbucks offers all the best savings all year round whether you’re in the military or not. Swagbucks is an extensive rewards program and offers a wide variety of coupons and discounts. They also have some great ways to earn rewards by completing simple tasks, which means you can also earn some extra cash on top of all the savings.

Does Netflix Offer Military Discounts?

Netflix doesn’t offer any military discounts, but all users can sign up for the first month for free. 

Does Walmart Give A Military Discount?

Walmart doesn’t offer any continuous military discounts, although you may be able to find coupons and specials from time to time. The company is however committed to supporting veterans and active duty service members. They actively hire veterans and military spouses and have a variety of ways in which they promote education and training.

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