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Black Friday

Dell Black Friday

By September 30, 2021 No Comments

By: Stacy Garrels | September 30th, 2021

Black Friday is officially the day after Thanksgiving, but like many other retailers, Dell kicks off the Black Friday holiday shopping season with ‘Early Bird’ deals.

When it comes to Dell Black Friday deals, you can find doorbusters (in the US), mega deals (UK). Deals generally start well before Thanksgiving, and run through Cyber Monday.

It’s a great time to snag the best deals on popular Inspiron configurations, XPS, Alienware PCs, core processors, powerful laptops, select monitors, computer accessories, and even bonus Dell eGift cards.

Does Dell do Black Friday deals?

Yes, Dell does Black Friday deals every year. Generally their Black Friday deals begin early and run through the entire month of November, ending on Cyber Monday.

Common Black Friday Deals at Dell

  • Alienware
  • Gaming laptops
  • Work and school laptops
  • Monitors
  • Processors
  • XPS Desktops

How long does Dell Black Friday last?

Based on the Dell Black Friday sale for 2020, we expect the Dell Black Friday 2021 to be a month long event.

  • Black Friday Start Date: Monday, November 1st
  • Black Friday End Date: Monday, November 29th

This is what we expect to see based on the Dell Black Friday sales event in 2020. It was a month-long event that kicked off on the first Monday of November and ended on the last Monday (Cyber Monday) at the end of day.

The 2021 Dell Black Friday ad has not yet been released. Once the Dell Black Friday ad is out, we’ll be able to confirm the sale dates. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back.

What time does Dell Black Friday start?

Based on Black Friday sales in recent years, here’s what we expect for a timeline of Dell deals.

Timeline Dell Deals for Black Friday

  • Black Friday season opens: 12am midnight EST on Monday, November 1st
  • Doorbusters kick off: 8 am EST Monday, November 15th
  • Doorbusters available daily through Friday, November 26th (day after Thanksgiving)
  • Doorbuster items will drop at specific hours throughout the day: 8am to 10pm.
  • Cyber Monday: 8 am EST on Monday, November 29th
  • Doorbuster items will drop at specific hours during the day: 8am to 10pm EST.

Once the Dell ad scan for Black Friday 2021 is out, we’ll be able to confirm these anticipated dates and times for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale and their new doorbuster deals. The Black Friday ad should be out by mid-October.

What is the lowest price of Dell laptops?

You can find new Dell laptops starting in the $200’s to $300’s range.

Lower price laptops are generally going to be less powerful machines that run slower and have less storage capacity. But for general home personal computer use (emails and Internet) searches, you could find some fantastic Desktop PC’s or laptop deals.

Low Price Dell Laptops and Desktop PCs

  • $329.99 New Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop Windows 10 Home S mode 64-bit 15.6 inch display @Dell
  • $459.99 Inspiron Desktop 10th Gen Intel Core i3-10105 processor 8GB @Dell
  • 479.99 New Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop Windows 10 Home S mode 64-bit 15.6 inch display 11th Generation Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor @Dell
  • $244.99 Dell Chromebook 11 3000 11.6″ Intel Celeron 4GB Memory 16 GB eMMC @Best Buy
  • $289 Dell Inspiron i3542-602 Windows 14″ 10 Laptop Intel Celeron N3050 2 GB Memory / 32 GB eMMC flash memory @Amazon
  • $317 Dell Flagship Latitude 3190 Business 11 Laptop 11.6″ HD Display Intel-4 Core Celeron N4120 4GB RAM 64 GB eMMC Intel UHD Graphic WIFI5 Office365 Win10 @Amazon
  • $379 Dell Latitude E7250 Laptop 1x Intel Core i5-5300U (2-Core, 2.30 GHz) 8 GB Memory 250 GB HDD Display 12.5″ HD @Dell Refurbished
  • $149 Dell OptiPlex 3020 SFF Desktop 1x Intel Core i3-4160 (2-Core, 3.60 GHz) 4 GB Memory 500 GB HDD 64-bit Window 8.1 Professional @Dell Refurbished
  • $256 Inspiron 3510 Laptop 15″ @Dell Outlet
  • $277 Inspiron 3000 Laptop 15″ @Dell Outlet
  • $211 Dell Chromebook 3000 Intel Celeron N4020 Processor 11″ Display @Dell Outlet
  • $205 and up Refurbished business grade desktops @Dell Outlet

These offers were current at the time of the article’s publication. Price and availability is subject to change, particularly with outlet and refurbished product inventory.

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Earn 1% to 10% cash back rebates and a free $10 gift card for purchases from:

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Who owns Dell?

Dell, Inc. is owned by its parent company: Dell Technologies.

Dell, Inc. is a US based, international computer and technology company that was originally founded by Michael Dell in 1984. The formally did business as PC’s Limited (1984 to 1987) before rebranding.

Is Dell or HP better?

It’s largely a matter of personal choice when comparing Dell laptops vs HP laptops, but most tech reviewer give Dell a slight edge over the HP brand. There are different use cases when a Dell machine is the better choice, or when it may not be.

Dell is better for

  • College students, in particular the Dell Inspiron 14 (2-in-1 laptop)
  • High school students, in particular the Chromebook 14
  • Gaming, in particular the Dell G5 SE gaming laptop or a Dell with the Alienware line
  • Better quality hardware and more powerful components (graphic cards, RAM, processors, etc.)
  • Customer service (slow, but faster than HP for phone support)
  • Warranty – Dell is known for having trusted, extensive warranties

HP is better for

  • Business laptop options (Dell has great business laptop options too, but a narrower range of choices.)
  • Video editing
  • Wider range of choices in every category: budget, high-end, gamers, or business users
  • Longer battery life
  • Design aesthetics – the (sleek) look and feel of your machine

Of course, while Dell is believed to have higher quality hardware and parts, HP builds are still extremely well made. And while HP has longer battery life, a Dell laptop is still going to have an average battery life of at least 7 to 8 hours. It comes down to how you’re going to use your laptop and what’s most important to you.

What are the best Dell Black Friday deals?

Based on the Dell Black Friday sale for 2020, we have a good time of what to expect for doorbusters and best prices for Black Friday 2021.

Best Dell Black Friday Sale Offers

  • $620 for Dell Inspiron 15 5000 intel i7 15.6″ 1080p laptop (reg. $780)
  • $999 Dell G5 i7 Gaming Desktop with RTX 2060 Dual Storage (reg. $1,400)
  • $79 IPS Monitor 24-Inch 1080p SE2419HR (reg. $220)
  • $799 Dell XPS 8940 intel i5 Desktop with RTX 2060 Dual Storage (reg. $1,380)
  • $979 Alienware Aurora R11 intel i7 Desktop RTX 3080 (reg. $1,1010)
  • $699 Dell XPS 13 7390 Intel 10th Gen i5 13.3″ touch laptop (reg. $1,000)
  • $749 Dell XPS 13 Intel i7 13.3″ 1080p laptop with 512GB SSD (reg. $1,150)
  • $819 Dell Vostro 5502 intel i5 256GB SSD 8 RAM 15.6″ laptop (reg. $1,170)
  • $719 Dell Vostro 5402 intel i7 14″ laptop 256GB SSD laptop (reg. $1,427)
  • $899 Dell Vostro 3000 intel i7 with 512GB SSD desktop (reg. $1,284)
  • $869 Della UltraSharp 43-inch 4K IPS monitor (reg. $1,160)

These are some of the Dell Black Friday deals we expect to see for Black Friday 2021 based on deals Dell ran in 2020. Once the Dell ad scan is out, we’ll be able to update and confirm their top offers, including doorbuster deals.

And when you shop online at Dell, you can earn cash back and a free $10 gift on your purchase through Swagbucks.

What Other Stores Have the Best Deals on Black Friday?

Other retailers and hot deals you should hit up during the holiday season include:

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