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How to Get Free PlayStation Gift Cards, PSN Codes & Rewards in 2023

By July 27, 2020January 24th, 2023No Comments

Last updated January 24, 2023

Whether you’re an electronic athlete or a N00b, earning some free accessories or games on the PlayStation store gets your blood pumping. PlayStation Store cards allow you the ability to download the latest video games, add-on DLC (downloadable content), full-length movies, TV shows, subscriptions, avatars, and background themes for your PS console.

Also known as PSN (PlayStation Network) codes, PlayStation gift cards are a virtual currency. You can buy gift cards from online retailers or in large stores like Best BuyTarget, and Walmart. An alternative to swiping your credit card is to find a way to earn cards online. 

This article will go over how to get free PSN gift cards and PSN codes, free PlayStation codes, free gaming gift cards, and more. Because it’s always fun to play games, but it’s even more fun to play premium games with free gift cards.

How Do I Get Free PlayStation Gift Cards or PSN codes?

As with any site with “free” offers, always approach with caution and look out for red flags. Once you have ensured the legitimacy of the company, go ahead and pursue the giveaway. Avoid being trigger happy and clicking on free offers before you have checked them out. 

Further below in this article, we’ll list a few legit ways that you can earn PSN codes. Working for free codes requires effort on your part, rather than rushing for supposedly free handouts that often fall flat and are illegal. This effort could include answering surveys, playing games, shopping online, and more. 

Are PSN Code Generator Sites Legitimate?

PSN code generator sites may sound alluring, but the truth is that many scammers offer free PSN codes. These sites claim to generate free gift card codes that you can then load onto your PSN wallet. Indulging in these sites could end up in stolen credit card details. Free PSN code generator sites are not legitimate. 

Sony Playstation is too smart to allow free PSN gift cards to drop into the laps of anyone who visits websites that claim to provide just that. Protect your computer, and don’t be fooled into downloading a free PSN code generator. 

The 6 Best Sites that Pay You in PlayStation Network Codes for 2023

1. Swagbucks

Love a good survey? With Swagbucks, you can get paid for those everyday tasks. Earn rewards when you shop online, give your opinions (taking surveys), try free offers (including downloadable games), dine out, play trivia, and even when you play games.

Swagbucks rewards you for things that you already do in your spare time. Earn SB, or Swagbucks points. It’s 100 SB to $1.

Redeemed points that you earn on Swagbucks for PayPal cash or gift cards, including free PSN or PlayStation Store gift cards.

You can get a head start and receive $5 just for signing up. Download the app on Google Play or Apple to get started. 

2. Fetch Rewards

Earn the PSN cards with three easy steps on Fetch Rewards: scan your grocery receipts, earn points on specific products that you’ve bought, and gain rewards. It’s as easy as that. Fetch Rewards is perfect for the primary shopper in the household who wants to earn some rewards. 

3. Sony Rewards

When you join Sony Rewards, you have the opportunity to earn points that you can then use in their store. Sony lists the many ways that you can earn points on their website. Using a Sony Visa Credit Card or a PlayStation Visa Credit Card earns you points. Just by applying for one of those credit cards, you instantly gain 5,000 points. Purchases that qualify for points include not only the Sony store but restaurant visits, mobile phone bills, entertainment, and more.

4. InstaGC

Listening to music, browsing websites, shopping, and watching videos are things that many of us do daily. By signing up for InstaGCs, you can now earn points for those pastimes that translate into instant gift cards.

5. Shoply

Shoply allows you to earn cash when you make purchases at more than 300 popular retailers. After downloading the app on your Apple or Android device, you can submit receipts from both in-store or online stores. With your easy earnings, you can practice some retail therapy in the PlayStation store. 

6. Mistplay

If you’re looking for a no-survey site, then Mistplay is for you. As a loyal gamer, you can collect points on Mistplay by engaging in the latest games with your Android smartphone. As you level up, unlock achievements and invite your friends, you can earn MistPlay units. Use your units to exchange for prizes, including credits for other Android apps, as well as gift cards, such as PSN cards. 

You’ve Earned a PSN card. Now What?

Congratulations on earning your first free PlayStation gift card without forking out any hard-earned cash. Here is what you do next:

Start By Creating an Account

To become part of the PlayStation Network, you need to create an adult PSN account. You also have the option of creating an account for a child. To sign up, you will have to choose a unique username (online identifier) and submit your necessary information. You can also sign in to PlayStation using your Sony ID. When you have a PSN code or gift card, then you can load your PSN wallet for purchases.

How do I Redeem My PlayStation Gift Card?

You can redeem your PSN codes on your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles, as well as the PS Vita gaming console and the PlayStation Plus platform. Depending on the device, there are different ways to redeem your voucher. You need to find the ‘Redeem Code’ button, either on the sidebar, avatar, or options button. Enter the code to apply the credit to your account. 

As a gamer, you are likely to feel an itch for some new and exciting gaming therapy. Through one of the legitimate ways that we have mentioned, you can earn enough points to get the PSN gift card you need. Explore those options today. Happy gaming!

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