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Check My Walmart Gift Card Balance

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Updated January 23, 2023

Walmart gift cards are extremely versatile, making it a great gift for everyone. Learn about how you can make money online to redeem free gift cards from Swagbucks.

Checking your gift card balance and redeeming Walmart gift cards can sometimes be a challenge. We have answers and solutions to all the frequently asked questions for Walmart gift cards

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What is my Walmart gift card balance? 

A Walmart gift card balance check is easy. Check your Walmart gift card balance at any Walmart store location, or by going online: 

  1. Check your Walmart gift card balance on Walmart’s gift card balance page at
  2. Enter the card number and PIN code. If you have an eGift card, the PIN is in the confirmation email. 
  3. Select “Get Card Balance”. 

If you do not have a free Walmart account or Walmart profile set up, you may be prompted to create one. It should just take about 60 seconds or less. Provide your email to use as the login name, and set up a password.

You can also check your Walmart gift card balance from your phone:

  1. Call 1-888-537-5503 to check balance. 
  2. Provide the plastic gift card number or the eCard number for your Walmart card. 

If you have an older Walmart gift card that did not have a PIN code, an associate at any Walmart store location will need to check the gift card balance for you. If you request, they can transfer funds from the old gift card to a newer physical gift card that contains a PIN. 

Where is my Walmart gift card PIN code? 

You’ll find your PIN code on the back of your physical Walmart gift card just above the barcode number. 

How Do I Check My Walmart Gift Card Balance Without the PIN?

Checking your Walmart Gift Card Balance requires scratching off the PIN number which is located on the back of the card. There is no way to check the balance or use the card without revealing the PIN number. This is a theft protection measure to prevent your gift card balance from being stolen by others. If the gift card does not have a PIN number, you should still be able to use the outstanding balance in Walmart Retail stores, but the card cannot be used on

How can I add funds to my Walmart gift card balance? 

There are a couple of ways to add additional funds to your Walmart gift card balance.

  1. Visit and enter the gift card number, enter the amount that you want to add, and then checkout. To add funds to your Walmart gift card online, you will also have to link a bank account. You can provide your debit card number or checking account number and routing number to do so. Visa debit cards are the most common method used for adding additional funds. 
  2. You can do it at a physical Walmart store location instead. A sales associate can reload your Walmart gift card with additional funds. Please note you cannot add funds to any third-party gift cards (i.e. pre-paid Visa debit cards) purchased in a Walmart store. 

What is the difference between a Walmart gift card and a Walmart eGift card?

A Walmart gift card is a physical, plastic Walmart gift card. It can be used in Walmart stores or for online shopping at

A Walmart eGift card is a digital Walmart gift code that comes in the form of a code. It gets sent to the recipient by email delivery. A Walmart eGift card will arrive within 48 hours of being purchased, but usually only takes a few minutes. A Walmart eGift card can be redeemed online or in-store. You’ll just need to print out the email you received containing the eGift card barcode.

Where can I use my Walmart gift card?

You can use a US-issued Walmart gift card or eGift card at any of these online or offline locations in the United States, including Puerto Rico: 

  • Walmart stores 
  • Walmart gas stations
  • Sam’s Club stores
  • Sam’s Club gas stations

If you are not a Sam’s Club member, you can still shop in Sam’s Club stores at the photo center, club cafe, liquor store, optical center, or pharmacy. If you want full access to all store goods and services, you can visit the Sam’s Club website and get a One Day Pass via guest registration. Guest members will be charged a 10% service fee above all listed merchandise prices, except for select locations exempt from the service fee. You can get a free membership if someone in your household is a Sam’s Club member. This individual can do their account as a complimentary second member. For additional add-on members, there is a $40 charge. 

What can I buy with my Walmart gift card? 

Your Walmart gift card can be used to purchase merchandise and Walmart services offered at any of these locations, including home, bath, garden, fuel, auto parts, and auto services, TV & electronics, gaming consoles, and video games, iPads and select Apple products, apparel, furniture, toys, and more.

You cannot use your Walmart gift card to buy gift cards. This includes Walmart and Sam’s Club gift cards and gift cards to third-party retailers like Apple, Google Play, Starbucks, and iTunes, or prepaid credit cards like MasterCard or Visa gift cards issued by Visa U.S.A. Inc.

Can I use my Walmart gift card at Starbucks? 

No, a Walmart gift card cannot be used at Starbucks. There are no Starbucks locations or kiosks located within any Walmart stores.

Where can I buy Walmart gift cards? 

  1. You can shop gift cards and eGift cards in Walmart stores and online at 
  2. Walmart gift cards are occasionally sold by third-party retailers, at a mark-up, on sites like 
  3. You can also earn free gift cards to Walmart from different rewards sites. On Swagbucks, you can find Walmart coupons and promo codes, and earn PayPal and cash rewards for answering trivia, cash back shopping, and discovering deals. 
  4. You can also use Swagbucks earnings to save money and get Walmart gift cards at a 13% off discount.
  5. Gift card reseller sites, like MyGiftCardsPlus, also help you save money. Other consumers who sell their unwanted gift cards at a discounted price, and buy Walmart gift cards at a savings of up to 5% off the card value. 

Terms and Conditions of Walmart Gift Cards and eGift Cards

Terms and conditions for Walmart Gift Cards are subject to modification at any time and are applicable in addition to Walmart’s other Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Except where required by law, Walmart gift cards are not returnable or refundable for cash. The balance of any gift card is the sole liability of Wal-Mart Stores Arkansas, LLC. Lost or stolen gift cards will not be replaced. Neither USA, LLC nor Wal-Mart Stores Arkansas, LLC shall have any liability to you for lost or stolen gift cards, or for the (mis)use of any Walmart gift card by a third-party through your account. Walmart gift cards are not FDIC insured. It is the sole responsibility of the cardholder to keep their account safe, including the safe storage of their account password.  Walmart gift cards never expire. If you have purchased an iTunes gift card at a Walmart store location that iTunes gift card is redeemable only on the iTunes store for the U.S. You must have an iTunes store account in order to redeem your iTunes gift card, subject to prior acceptance of license and used terms. The terms Walmart, Wal-Mart are registered trademarks of Walmart and protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. For additional information, please review the Gift Card Terms and Conditions in the Walmart Help Center.

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