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Make Money

Earn Extra Income on Your Smart Phone with These 14 Money Making Apps

By December 9, 2019May 13th, 2022One Comment

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Cellphones do a lot of things these days: they inform, entertain, and connect us. They can also help us earn some cash on the side with money-making apps.

Next time you download a shopping app, a game for your phone, or a personal finance tracker, ask yourself whether it’s also making you money. Because of the earning from free apps below? They’ll practically give you cash for the online activities you’re doing anyway or simple tasks to do in your spare time. Let’s get the ball rolling with Swagbucks!

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It’s pretty well-known that you can use Swagbucks to earn money by taking surveys, shopping through affiliated retailers, and watching online content. But did you know that you can earn on this app by playing games? That’s right, waiting for your kid to finish piano lessons just got a little more interesting. You can earn Swagbucks, which are redeemable for gift cards or funds towards your PayPal account, by playing fun (and addictive) online games. Swagbucks lets you cash out for as little as $3 for an Amazon gift card.

Payout Method: Cash or Gift Cards
System: iOS and Android


Inboxdollars is another leading survey apps that allow you to earn extra money. But like Swagbucks, there are other ways to earn extra cash like playing games, scanning receipts, or taking advantage of the special promotions. Once you’ve earned at least $30 you can cash out. 

Payout Method: Cash
System: iOS and Android


If you shop online, you should totally consider MyPoints. Like many others on this list, you can get paid for sharing feedback on a variety of topics including movies, TV shows, shopping experiences, and even new products and services. Reward yourself with great experiences as well as free gift cards! 

Payout Method: Gift Cards
System: iOS and Android

Google Opinion Rewards

Answer super short surveys and earn Google Play credit with Google Opinion Rewards. Google will then send you surveys based on your daily activities. You’ll get a notification on your phone when a survey is ready for you. Questions can ask your experience at a particular merchant asking to photo of your receipt or how you use other Google properties. 

Payout Method: Google Play
System: Android

The Money App

Make money from mystery shopping, scanning barcodes, playing games, and offering opinions. It stands out in the world of apps that pay cash because it pays out within 2-3 days of cashing out rewards. It also has great reviews for ease of use and quick payment.

Payout Method: Cash
System: iOS and Android


It allows you to upload your videos and photos into a portfolio, and pays if companies purchase the work. Foap takes half the profits, but photos can be sold more than one time, increasing your earning potential. Signing on for a specific photo mission can yield much higher earnings! Users can cash out once a month.

Payout method: Cash
System: iOS and Android


Earn gift cards by engaging with specific retailers and products – sometimes without even buying anything. You can earn rewards by entering a store, scanning specific product barcodes, or buying things at certain shops, making it a standout among free money apps. Shopkick’s terms of service say you can cash out as soon as you’ve reached the minimum threshold for payment, but that threshold can vary.

Payout Method: Cash or Gift Cards
System: iOS and Android


Not only can you earn through surveys and opinions, but this is an app that pays you for completing retail missions to locations you’d go to anyway, or by telling the company about your day (what you’ve done or eaten, for example). You complete a profile and are notified when there are activities available that are a good fit for your life. Cash out when you’ve earned $10.

Payout Method: Cash or Gift Cards
System: iOS or Android


Complete surveys to earn points, which can be cashed out once you’ve earned $25. Also, earn extra points when you partner with Zap-affiliated retailers. Zap pays $6.25 for the first survey completed, sweetening the pot for newbies. This is among the apps that pay cash, not just gift cards, so you can spend the money your own way.

Payout Method: Cash or Gift Cards
System: iOS


Shopping online has never been so rewarding! ShopatHome sends you promo codes and deals, and gives cashback for shopping at affiliated retailers when you shop online. It even offers an immediate $10 sign up bonus after you spend your first $25. Participating retailers include heavy-hitters like Walmart, Target, Macy’s and Amazon, making it even easier to earn big rewards. 

Payout Method: Check, Cash, or Gift Card
System: Web-Based


Acorns is a different type of app, one that takes your own money and makes it grow through Robo-investing. Link it to your bank account, and it’ll round purchases up to the nearest dollar, investing the extra change so it can grow, without you even noticing. It charges a $1 monthly fee, but it might be worth it to test the investment waters.

Payout Method: Cash
System: iOS and Android


Companies pay for ads everywhere they think you’re looking. One place you’re guaranteed to look is at your smart phone’s lock screen. Sign up for Slidejoy, and they’ll place ads on your lock screen. Swiping to dismiss the ad, looking at the product or service in the ad, or watching more ads will earn you points, which translates to dollars. It’s the easiest way to earn just by giving advertisers your attention for half a second. You can cash out monthly for as little as $2 through Paypal or gift cards.

Payout Method: Cash or Gift Cards
System: Android


Mistplay is all about gaming. It tracks your game playing history so that it can offer games you’ll actually enjoy playing, then pays you for your participation. You’ll be rewarded with gift cards as soon as you have enough points, and receive the cards by email within a couple of days.

Payout Method: Prepaid Cash or Gift Cards
System: Android. (It’s on the waitlist for the beta iOS version)

Fluid Market

The second-hand economy is growing as consumers realize sometimes sharing is caring. This app allows you to rent your car, power tools, or other specialty items that are lying about your home. It connects you with folks who will pay to use your stuff, allowing you to cash in on your unused possessions.

Payout Method: Cash
System: iOS and Android

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