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Get Free Money for Signing Up: You Can Earn $1,000 Free from Swagbucks Just for Signing Up for These Top Offers

By October 22, 2022December 27th, 2022No Comments

Promotions & Advertiser Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and we’ll get a small commission if you choose to sign up through one of our links. Read More. All featured offers were current as of the time of the article’s publication. Offer availability and remuneration are subject to change at any time.

When it comes to the free rewards app Swagbucks, there are a few kinds of people. Those who have casually tried the app and made a few bucks. And those who are all in, making several hundred dollars a year or more with Swagbucks.

And in this bizarre age of crushing inflation with a nagging Covid hangover, a third kind of people has emerged: people looking to Swagbucks for an inflation side hustle

Swagbucks isn’t just one-dollar surveys and fifty-cent micro tasks for you to slowly build your earnings over time. 

Swagbucks offers you ways to earn $100 to $200, in one swift stroke. 

On the Discover page, Swagbucks offers a number of free, high-paying offers. You can earn several hundred dollars by just completing a few, high-dollar offers. 

Most of these money-makers are signup bonuses for the gig economy and fintech apps. Right now, there are the juiciest ones you can cash in on. 

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Complete these 20 sublime offers on Swagbucks, and get $1,026 free. 

1. GetUpside: 1000 SB ($10)

Save up to $0.25/gallon on gas and get $10 free with the GetUpside gas savings app. Sign up and enter promo code AFF25 to get your $10 bonus. Get GetUpside now.

Upfront fees / investment: $0

Total earned: $10

2. Chime Bank: 20000 SB ($200)

Open a Chime account and receive at least 2 qualifying direct deposits in your account, the first one within 30 days, and get a $200 bonus. Switch it up with HR for your paycheck this month. Get Chime Bank now.

Upfront fees / investment: $0 

Total earned: $200 


3. Greenlight: 4000 SB ($40)

Greenlight is a debit card for kids, managed by parents. Complete the registration and make a $20 minimum deposit to earn $40 free. Get Greenlight now.

Upfront fees / investment: $20 

Total earned: $40+ $20 you invested in Greenlight, which you can withdraw

4. SoFi: 10000 SB ($100)

Sign up and invest $50 or more, earn 10,000 SB or $100 cash back. Must be a new user of SoFi investing. Become an investor with no commission fees. Trade and buy stocks, fractional stocks, crypto, and more.  Get Sofi now.

Upfront fees / investment: $50 

Total earned: $100+ $50 you invested in SoFi, which you can withdraw

5. Public: 1600 SB ($16)

Open a free Public investment app account and fund it with at least $5. Public will give you an additional $5 in stocks and you’ll get a $16 bonus from Swagbucks.  Get Public.

Upfront fees / investment: $5

Total earned: $16 + $5 you invested in Public, which you can withdraw (+ $5 reward from Public toward stocks)

6. HappyNest: 3500 SB ($35) 

Real estate investment app where everyday people can invest in commercial properties. Get $35 free when you sign up and deposit $10 or more. Get Happy Nest.

Upfront fees / investment: $10

Total earned: $35 + $10 you invested in the HappyNest App, which you can withdraw 

7. Alliant: 6500 SB ($65)

Open a high-rate saving account at the Alliant Credit Union and deposit at least $25, get $65 free. Get Alliant.

Upfront fees / investment: $25

Total earned: $65+ $25 you invested in Alliant, which you can withdraw

8. Phemex: 2500 SB ($25)

Phemex is a trading platform that makes it easy to trade crypto. Open an account and deposit at least $10 and make your first trade, get $25 from Swagbucks. Get Phemex.

Upfront fees / investment: $10

Total earned: $25+ $10 you invested in Phemex, which you can withdraw

9. Copper Banking: 5000 SB ($50)

Get the Copper banking app and debit card for your teen and get real-time insights into their spending. Register and deposit $20, and get $50 free.  Get Copper Banking.

Upfront fees / investment: $20

Total earned: $50+ $20 you invested in Copper, which you can withdraw

10. Robinhood: 3500 SB ($35) 

Get 3500 SB ($35) when you sign up for Robinhood and make your first deposit of at least $5. Get Robinhood.

Upfront fees / investment: $5

Total earned: $35+ $5 you invested in Robinhood, which you can withdraw

11. Upgrade: 10000 SB ($100)

Get cash back on all your purchases with Upgrade’s Rewards Checking Debit Card enjoy no fees on your checking account. Get a $100 signup bonus when you open your account and make your first deposit, activate your debit card, and spend at least $25. Get Upgrade.

Upfront fees / investment: $25

Total earned: $100+ $25 you invested in Upgrade, which you can withdraw

12. DoorDash: 10000 SB ($100)

Get $100 when you sign up to be a Dasher and make one delivery by car or bike. Make your first delivery within 30 days of signing up. Sign up for DoorDash.

Upfront fees / investment: $0

Total earned: $100

13.  Bingo Showdown: 1600 SB ($16)

Play the classic game on the go and earn rewards. No purchase or deposit required. Completel level 66 within 3 days to win the reward. Get Bingo Showdown.

Upfront fees / investment: $0

Total earned: $16

14. Reflex: 1000 SB ($10)

Build your credit. Apply for Reflex Mastercard (credit limit up to $1,000). $10 free when you receive the card and activate it. No purchase is required. Get Reflex

Upfront fees / investment: $0

Total earned: $10

15. Marble: 500 SB ($5)

Sign up for Marble, the first-ever rewards platform for insurance. Create your free, all-in-one account to start earning cash back for the policies you already have. Link your first policy, and get $5 free. Get Marble.

Upfront fees / investment: $0

Total earned: $5

16. Neighbor 3500SB ($35) 

Neighbor is the Airbnb for “stuff”. Rent out your unused space (closet, garage, etc.) and earn extra money each month. List your space and earn 3500 SB or $35. Get Neighbor.

Upfront fees / investment: $0

Total earned: $35

17. Mission Lane 3000SB ($30) 

Build your credit with a Mission Lane Visa. Unlock credit increases over time. Sign up for a Mission Lane card today. Get 3000 SB ($30) free when you qualify and the card ships.

Upfront fees / investment: $0

Total earned: $30

18. Star Trek Fleet Command 8000SB ($80) 

Play Star Trek Fleet Command. Install the app and complete the levels within 30 days to earn up to 8000 SB. (Get 6500 SB for level 21 or 1000 SB for level 17.) No purchase is required but in-app purchases and upgrades are available. Play Star Trek Fleet Command.

Upfront fees / investment: $0

Total earned: $80

19. ZipRecruiter 400SB ($4)

Join the free job board ZipRecruiter with over 1 million job openings. Sign up, post your resume, and apply for a job and get 400 SB free. Join ZipRecruiter.

Upfront fees / investment: $0

Total earned: $4

20. Club Vegas Slots 7000SB ($70)

Play this Vegas-style slot game and earn big rewards. Install this free game, play, and reach level 100 within 10 days to get the 7000 SB reward. Play Club Vegas Slots.

Upfront fees / investment: $0

Total earned: $70

Complete all 20 offers, you’ll earn $1,026. Some of these offers require an upfront deposit. After any initial fees, you’re still clearing $856. And it’s important to keep in mind that you do not lose those initial funds. It’s still your money and can be withdrawn at a later date.

If you want to stick with offers that have no upfront fees, it’s possible to complete just those offers and make $560. 

These Swagbucks offers were current when the article was published. Available offers and payouts can change over time. 

Some of the offers may take 7-32 days to credit, and there may be some eligibility requirements. Make sure to read the terms and conditions on the offer’s page. 

Rewards are awarded in SB, Swagbucks points, or currency. It’s 100 SB to $1.00 USD. Cash out your rewards for PayPal cash, gift cards to Amazon and other popular retailers, prepaid Mastercard, a check in the mail, or other prize options. 

Beyond the Sign-Up 

Beyond the signup, these featured offers truly do offer you a better, more innovative way to manage wealth, invest your money and build credit. And to tap into unused earning potential – one spare closet, or one game level up, at a time. 

I’ve tried hundreds of Swagbucks offers over the years. Some of them were one-and-dones – I tried them and they didn’t “stick”. Other offers have been permanent life-enhancers, like switching to a better rewards credit card, finding my now favorite go-to games for my phone, and trying a one-afternoon side gig as a food delivery person. I got a fun blog article story out of it, a couple of hundred dollars cash, and lifelong empathy for every side hustler dropping off my groceries and meals. 

Bottom Line  

And of course, doing all or some of these offers is a great way to get a quick adrenaline rush of cash. 

Whether you need an emergency injection or your wallet’s looking pinched, Swagbucks has got you covered. 

You can complete these featured offers and just cash out, but you’ll probably want to keep going. You can earn free cash and gift cards for Swagbucks has diamond-tier members who’ve earned over $20,000 with Swagbucks. 

Long-haul or short-run, get your piece of the cash action. 

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