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Contributing Editor – Minh Tran

By October 26, 2021September 13th, 2022No Comments

Minh joined Prodege, the parent company of Swagbucks at the beginning of October. Prior to working at Swagbucks, he worked as a data analyst and content marketing specialist for 2 different start-ups, one is a SaaS company and the other one is an Ed-tech. 

He resonates deeply with Swagbucks’ core value of giving back to millions of consumers online by providing them free gift cards and points (called SB), which can be exchanged for deals.

Minh writes about personal finance and has written articles such as the latest deals from brands like Dick’s, Cricut, as well as “The 20 best side hustle ideas”. He’s all about saving and making money. 

With his love for writing and passion for hip-hop, Minh enjoys writing rhymes as a hobby. He makes sure that his verses are unique and not just sloppy copies of one another.

Whenever he is stuck or stressed out, Minh likes to go for a jog and will keep running until he achieves a runner’s high. Then he goes back to work once his mind is cleared. 


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