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How to Check Your Lowe’s Gift Card Balance

By June 4, 2020July 7th, 2022No Comments

Whether revamping your own home or business or helping a loved one to have the home of their dreams, a Lowe’s gift card can be a total blessing. But mishandling or letting that card sit indefinitely can be an expensive mistake. Fortunately, there are some simple answers to some of the most common questions for getting the most out of your Lowe’s gift card. 

What is my Lowe’s gift card balance?

There are three simple ways to check a Lowe’s gift card balance. 

1. Call Lowe’s customer service department at 1-800-560-7172

2. Visit or begin the online process immediately here

3. Ask any cashier or walk up to the customer service desk at a Lowe’s store and ask them to check your Lowe’s gift card balance. 

Whether you log onto or check your remaining balance at a Lowe’s home improvement store, you’ll need the 19-digit gift card number and the 4-digit ID number. 

Where can I buy Lowe’s gift cards or egift cards? 

Lowe’s reserves the right to limit where its cards can be sold or purchased, but they’re still available in loads of retail stores and legitimate online websites. You can easily buy a physical Lowe’s gift card or an egift card at the following places: 

You can also find a Lowe’s gift card or egift card at some local home and garden centers or where you usually shop for home improvement or home décor, including your local Lowe’s store or   

Does my Lowe’s gift card expire?

There is never an expiration date on a physical Lowe’s gift card or egift card as long as it holds a balance. And since it’s so easy to check your gift card balance, you’ll always be aware of the remaining balance. There are also never any additional fees for carrying a balance or reloading the card. Customers should, however, activate the card as soon as possible to avoid potential technical mishaps and to ensure the gift card is fully redeemable. If immediate issues arise, contact customer service at the store or website from where you purchased the gift card, log onto, or visit the customer service desk at your local Lowe’s store. Be prepared to provide a presentation of original sales receipt and potentially the credit/debit card used for payment. 

Where can I use my Lowe’s gift card?

Lowe’s LF, LLC is its own entity and sells home improvement and home decor products, many of which contain the store brand name, through the physical Lowe’s store and website themselves. They do not branch off and sell items to other stores or retailers. Therefore, a Lowe’s gift card may only be used at a Lowe’s store or on The good news is that the gift card can function as payment in either case just as efficiently as a charge card, charge account, or credit/debit card during checkout without the pesky addition of additional fees. 

How can I load more funds onto my Lowe’s gift card?

Unlike many other gift cards, a Lowe’s gift card cannot be reloaded on any website, including However, you can easily add more funds to the Lowe’s gift card by walking up to the customer service desk at any Lowe’s home improvement store. You can then use your Lowe’s gift card as payment instead of a Lowe’s charge account or credit card/debit at checkout, regardless of where you buy Lowe’s merchandise. Be sure to check balance first at or at the store itself to be sure how much you need to add. You can use your Lowe’s charge card at a Lowe’s store or any U.S. recognized credit card to buy a Lowe’s gift card. But the 5% discount promotion for using your Lowe’s charge card does not apply to gift card purchases. 

What if my Lowe’s gift card is stolen?

A lost or stolen Lowe’s gift card cannot be refunded, but it can be replaced under specific requirements. The customer will need to check the balance by either calling customer service, logging onto, or walking up to a customer service desk at a Lowe’s home improvement store. Once the gift card balance is verified, a replacement can only be provided at a physical store. Customer service via a Lowe’s store will need to see the original sales receipt so they can access, track, and deactivate the gift card number. Any gift card that is altered or defaced will be voided and unable to be replaced. 

How can I earn free Lowe’s gift cards?

It’s not as easy to find free Lowe’s gift cards compared to other brands, stores, or credit-logo options. However, they can still be earned in various ways. The following websites can offer occasional free Lowe’s gift card options or promotions: 

Those are just a few free gift card options on the net. But as always, use common sense; be suspicious of sites that require a purchase of third-party items not associated with the site itself, and always check your Lowe’s gift card balance to ensure it contains the amount they claimed was rewarded. At Swagbucks, you can also pick up Lowe’s promo codes and coupons, then earn cash back on whatever you buy at Lowe’s.

What are the Lowe’s gift card Terms and Conditions?

A Lowe’s gift card is not a credit/debit card and therefore comes with no warranties. Lowe’s gift cards are not redeemable for cash, and they cannot be used to make payments on an existing charge card. Lowe’s LF, LLC will only replace lost or stolen cards under specific situations and with the presentation of the original sales receipt. Lowe’s reserves right to reject or deactivate any card issued or obtained by fraudulent actions or intentions. Any gift card with a balance that remains at $0 for 90 days will be automatically deactivated. Deactivation is permanent. Customers can always check their original gift card balance or their remaining balance at

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