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Swagbucks Articles

Work From Home

6 Ideas That Will Make You Over $500

Take advantage of these six easy tips as a way to make over $530 working from home. And, if this article inspires, then definitely check-out Swagbucks’ definitive guide on how to Earn Money Online.

April 18, 2019

Save Moneyshopping

2023’s Guide to the Best Flash Sale Sites

Last updated January 16, 2023 Consumers today are fascinated by the micro-moment. Short-lived stories and sales fill audiences with adrenaline and don’t require a long-term commitment – thus, all the more appeal. You’ll want to take advantage of many flash moments – and sales – as you can. The good…
Dannie Phan
February 27, 2021
AutoBudgetingSave Money

7 Tips for Saving Money on Auto Insurance

By Danielle Pietersen Having auto insurance can save you a lot of money and protect you from financial ruin. In fact, in most state's it's a legal requirement. If you have a car, you need an insurance policy. Car insurance can be expensive though and rates can vary dramatically depending…
Dannie Phan
February 9, 2021
BudgetingHealthPersonal Finance

How to Save Money on Healthcare

By Rita Cunha | January 28, 2021 It's no secret that U.S. healthcare costs are among the highest in the world. The bad news? Healthcare costs seem to be rising and taking an ever-growing chunk of the GDP (gross domestic product) per capita. Administrative costs and complicated insurance agreements seem to…
Dannie Phan
January 28, 2021
Gig EconomyMake Money

How to Become an Influencer in Just 7 Steps

By Rita Cunha Influencers may have the most interesting jobs out there—or at least that is what many millennials on social media will tell you. YouTubers, Instagrammers, and influential blogging community members have risen to great fame in the past years. But what do influencers really do every day? And…
Dannie Phan
January 26, 2021