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Creating a monthly budget is a way to manage your money and achieve your financial goals. Personal finance is personal so it will vary from one individual to another. Some key takeaways that everyone should have is an emergency fund for unexpected expenses and manageable debt from credit cards, student loans, mortgages, auto loans. Leftover funds should be used to pay down debt or stored away in a savings account and eventually to make sure you have enough money for retirement.

It’s difficult to save money if you are unaware of where it’s being spent. You might be overspending and not even aware of it. By simply tracking your monthly expense and your monthly income you’ll find yourself saving more money through self-awareness.

There are plenty of budget worksheets available online. We’ll share articles to improve your finances in just the next month. Learn how to better manage your checking account and debit card. Find budgeting tips to find the balance with your living expenses based on your take-home income. Hone your spending habits with mint and many of our other favorite budgeting tools.