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Is Fetch Rewards Legit?

By May 5, 2022May 11th, 2022No Comments

Fetch Rewards is a free-to-use app that lets you scan receipts to earn points. You can then redeem points for gift cards and other rewards. Grocery receipts and others are allowed to be used. You can earn bonus points on select receipts with all eligible receipts worth at least 5 points.

The app is super simple to use and does not require “clipping” coupons or offers before you start shopping. It is not limited to just grocery stores with rewards points being awarded for some receipts from other types of stores as well.

What is the catch with Fetch Rewards?

The “catch” is that it does take a while to earn enough points to get a reward. There are ways to boost your points for the day to get to the minimum threshold. The most common complaints in reviews about Fetch Rewards include:

  • Points get erased if the app is reset or updated for any reason. The users typically do not have advance warning of this so there is nothing they can do once it happens.
  • Customer service may not be very helpful or responsive to customers.

Getting Bonus Points with Fetch Rewards

While it is easy to get points by uploading receipts it may take a long time to earn free gift cards with just that. There are several additional ways to earn points so that you can get to your selected prize goal much faster.

  • In addition to physical receipts, you can scan digital receipts as well.
  • Use the referral code and get your friends and family to download the free mobile app and create their accounts.
  • Join clubs. On the Fetch Rewards website, you will see a listing of loyalty clubs including Huggies Rewards and others.
  • Participate in special offers from Fetch partners.
  • Use Good RX for your prescription meds, upload receipts, and get more points.

Does Fetch Rewards steal your information?

No, Fetch Rewards does not steal your information but by signing up for an account you are giving them permission to retrieve personal information including your name, mailing address, and other personal details. You are also giving permission for this information to be sold to other marketing companies.

This information is in the terms of service agreement that you should always be reading when you sign up for any new app especially one that offers things such as cash back for shopping at online stores, etc. You do read the terms of service agreement, right?

You can make Fetch Rewards safe or at least safer by using a specific email address for your account and diverting all of the marketing emails you are going to be getting there. You can also use a different mailing address for your Fetch Rewards account so your mailbox isn’t bombarded with snail mail ads.

Experts agree that you should not sign up for this or most other apps with a connected account such as your Facebook or Google account. Use a separate email account for these apps so that you have better control over who is seeing your information and to keep the spam from clogging your regular email.

It should go without saying but don’t attach a Fetch Rewards account to a business or professional email especially if you are not the business owner or someone in the position to make decisions for that business.

Does Fetch Rewards make you pay?

Other than paying for your groceries or other purchases, you do not have to pay to use Fetch Rewards. The app is free to download and your account is free as well. Create your account and start scanning receipts with all eligible purchases and the points will start adding up from day one.

How old can receipts be on Fetch?

You can scan receipts for up to 14 days from the date printed on them. You have a limit of 14 scanned receipts per week. You can start an account and scan receipts as long as they are in that time frame to start earning immediate points.

Can Fetch Reward ban you?

Yes, you can be banned by Fetch Rewards if they think you are committing fraud in any way. Behavior that can result in a ban is listed on the website and includes:

  • Buying an eligible item and then returning it. Certain brands earn points while others including the store brand or generic brands may not.
  • Having more than one account on the same device.
  • Creating fake accounts to use for the referral bonus.
  • Trying to upload or scan fake or obviously altered receipts.

Any of these actions can get you banned from using the app. If you are banned but feel that you are being wrongly accused, you can appeal by reaching out to customer service. The customer service email is

Is Fetch or Ibotta Better?

You are earning money for scanning grocery receipts with either one, so both are starting off strong. Did you know that you can use both at the same time? That is perfectly fine and makes good sense.

The Best Things about Fetch Rewards

  • It takes about 10 seconds to scan your grocery receipt.
  • You don’t have to search for coupons or special deals to use them or to earn points. This is perfect for people who need to stick to a strict budget but may get caught up in trying to earn rewards and points.
  • You can redeem rewards starting at 3000 points ($3).

The Best Things about Ibotta

  • Higher welcome bonus. You can get $5 when you add your first receipt.
  • You will reach your reward threshold much quicker with Ibotta.
  • There are far more stores and offers available with Ibotta.

The Not So Great Things About Fetch Rewards

  • Lower welcome bonus.
  • There is not a straightforward, cash back option available.
  • Fewer stores and offers to choose from.
  • Glitches may cost you your accumulated points. If Fetch Rewards updates the app you may also lose your points as well.

The Not So Great Things About Ibotta

  • The app does require you to manually unlock some offers.
  • Some coupons and special offers can only be added if you watch a video or view an ad first.
  • Before shopping, you must select a store and then find the coupons and offers that you are interested in. This may encourage impulse buying, especially for those people who already find it hard to stick to a budget.

What are some apps like Fetch Rewards?

The Fetch Rewards app is good but not unique. In fact, when you go to download it you will find several similar apps that are suggested at the same time. Here are some apps that will let you earn points for shopping receipts of all kinds. Most allow you to earn additional points for other actions.

  • Swagbucks. Use Magic Receipts to earn extra points with your free account. Earn more points with surveys, games, watching videos, and referring friends. Earn cash back when shopping online or in stores with the Swagbutton, an automatic extension that alerts you to deals and savings.
  • Receipt Hog.
  • NCP Mobile.

Additionally, there are a few apps that are better for online shoppers, especially those that like to get the best deal plus earn cashback. These include Rakuten and Drop. Fetch rewards does let you earn points for online shopping.

Rakuten is an extension that will automatically alert you to cashback when you are shopping at a participating merchant. You do not get to choose your rewards for your cashback. A check is sent to you when you reach the minimum amount.

Final Thoughts

You can earn Fetch rewards points in just a few seconds with very little effort. If you start an account and still have receipts from a few days prior, you can upload those to earn the points. What makes Fetch Rewards worth the time is the possibility of getting gift cards for something that you usually wad up and leave in your coat pocket until you do laundry and then curse your whole life.

No, you are not going to become a millionaire from your grocery shopping but you can get a reward and that’s pretty cool too.

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