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10 Best Sites to Take Online Polls for Rewards

By August 23, 2021February 16th, 2022No Comments

By Dannie Phan | Updated August 23, 2021

Online polls are a great way to get feedback about a topic of your choice. If you’ve ever wanted to know what your followers, employees, or a specific demographic thinks about something, you might have created a poll to get people’s advice.

Polling companies are also heavily relied on to get prediction data for things like presidential elections and other global issues. The most accurate polling company is Monmouth University. While it isn’t an online polling company, its methodology means there’s less room for error.

On the surface, polls and surveys might seem like the same thing. However, there is a slight difference to them. Polls are used to ask one question, while surveys are used to get an overall impression of a topic through multiple question types.

Some sites give rewards for taking polls, while others simply make it easy for you to create live polls to share with others.

Swagbucks Polls

Swagbucks polls are one of the best ways to get rewards for your opinions. Daily polls give you 1 Swagbuck. You can also earn rewards by doing any number of activities, from completing surveys, to watching videos and using the onsite search engine. They’re a popular market research company so if you’re brand that’s interested in creating an online survey, they’re an amazing resource with over 2 million daily active users. 


EasyPolls is a free poll maker to help you create a type of poll that you can then share via social media. You can customize the question and answers, as well as change the look and feel of the poll. From a simple multiple-choice poll to something more complex. Once you’ve made all the customizations desired, you can then copy the link and post it anywhere you can access code. You will need to create an account to save polls, so people can visit them.

Facebook Polls

You may have already used Facebook polls in your social media posts. Many users have already figured out how to make new polls on Facebook to get thoughts about certain products, activities, or other services.

Knowing how to create a poll on Facebook can help you get the answers you need for your type of question. There are three different places from which you can create a poll: a group, a page, or a story. In a group or page, you’ll click on “write something”, and then choose poll. From a story, you’ll have to click add something, then poll.

Gallup Polls

Gallup polls have been around since the 1980s. They’re a large company that checks to see how the public feels about economic, political, and social issues across the globe through. The world poll covers topics from business to health to politics and many other areas of global interest. The panel that informs these polls is made up of around 100,000 people. 80,000 of them take the poll online.

Instagram Polls

Instagram uses polls in stories to engage with followers. They’re a great way to gather feedback about topics and drive traffic to your website. Instagram polls also provide a great way for you to learn more about your audience. You’re directly creating a way for them to let you know what they like, what drives their interest, and how you can better support their interests.

Monmouth Polls

Conducted by Monmouth University, the Monmouth polling institute is one of the most accurate polling companies on the market today. They aim to monitor public opinion, provide policymakers with informed research, and create accurate predictions. Poll reports are available to the public, and indicate which region was polled.

The polling institute covers policy issues and statewide polls. Research is done through the phone, online, and in person. They also use focus groups and interviews.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a great presentation tool that allows you to see poll questions get answered in real-time. Many educators use Poll Everywhere to engage their attendees. You can create trivia contests and quiz students on topics you’ve covered in class.

Poll Everywhere offers free plans, but if you want more than 25 responses, you’ll have to pay for bigger plans.

Poll Junkie

Poll Junkie allows you to create polls without having an online account. Once you create a poll, it’ll give you a link to share it. You can also create open polls that anyone can answer and are available on the website.

Quinnipiac Polls

Quinnipiac Polls are all about election results. Hosted by Quinnipiac University, pollsters survey residents in more than 12 states about politics and public issues. It’s ranked in the top 10% of accurate election results. Typical surveys choose 1,000 randomly selected voters and interview them over the course of a week.

Survey Monkey Polls

Survey Monkey is a great place to both take polls and create them. You can ask both open-ended questions and multiple-choice questions in your polls. The more polls you fill out, the more you can donate to a charity of your choice.

The way you make a Survey Monkey poll is by first having or creating an account. Then, you compose your question with multiple answer options. Once you create a poll, you’ll get a link or the ability to email it to other people.

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