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Contributing Editor – Stacy Garrels

By September 25, 2019 April 27th, 2021 No Comments

Stacy Garrels is a Contributing Editor for Swagbucks and an aspiring donut connoisseur. Stacy writes about weird money, thrift store hacks, freebies, and life’s random quirks. Passionate about scoring freebies and great deals, Stacy’s been in the Penny Trenches:

  • Made over $20,000 flipping used clothes and used furniture on Poshmark and Craig’s List.
  • Had dozens of epic Target hauls where she saved 70%+ on cartfuls of groceries and household items.
  •  Scored over $1,000 in free baby diapers and baby furniture. 
  • Tried over 50 different loyalty sites, rewards programs, and cash app back apps – earning a ton of Target and Amazon gift cards along the way. 
  • Suffered some truly tragic Clairol home dye-jobs.  
  •  Was once forced by Security to leave a supermarket for trying to redeem too many (300+) coupons.

Stacy graduated from a small liberal arts college in Moorhead, Minnesota. Her rants and writings have been featured on, Reddit threads, social media posts, and random comment sections of HuffPost, NYT, The Cut, and The Onion. 

When not writing about money and consumer rewards, she can be found downing copious amounts of coffee, back-seat politicking, and picking Cheerios out of sofa cushions.  She resides with her husband, toddler daughter, dog, and schizophrenic cat in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If Al Franken still lived in his childhood home, he and Stacy would be neighbors.


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