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Tada: How to Earn Your First $40 on this New Cash Back Shopping App

By September 29, 2021August 19th, 2022No Comments

It feels like shopping and receipt scanning apps are a dime a dozen. The market isn’t just crowded, it’s overcrowded with these types of shopping apps in a full-on stampede. And amid the jostling and noise, it’s hard to notice when something new and good emerges. And yet, that’s how I would describe Tada.

Join Tada on or by downloading the app on Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

As a deal-obsessed, side-lining mom, I’m always on the lookout for new and easy or fun ways to earn cash. Bonus if it’s both fun and easy. In my spare time, I write a blog, review SHEIN clothes, flip thrift store finds, and earn $100+ a month using Swagbucks, Upromise, InboxDollars, Ibotta, and a handful of other apps.)

Real estate on my iPhone (and in my attention-stretched brain) for even the most popular cash apps is hard won. I’ve downloaded scores of shopping rewards apps, only to remove them days (or minutes) later. Apps that offered only a meager selection of cash back offers, and all for brands and products I have never heard of or have no interest in trying.

Although like the idea of discovery and introducing my family to new things, this does not include tinned capers or boxes of faux European drugstore chocolates. Not even for the lure of free gift cards or cashback rewards.

I want a shopping and receipt app that offers cash back rewards on real things that real people buy which is why the free cash app Tada is a winner.

Tada Offers Cash Back Savings on Real Things That Real People Buy

Earn cash back for saving money and shopping online: Yeah, okay. belong to a bunch of those sites so I can always get the deepest discount.

Earn cash back for scanning receipts: Ok, that’s a nice extra. And the free cash app Tada offers cash back for just buying anything and scanning your receipt, which is exceptional. You can actually save money without being asked to spend money, buying goods you don’t want that are on promotion.

  • Scan any receipt and earn cash.
  • Purchase any brand (and any size) of everyday staples, scan receipt and earn cash.
  • Purchase featured products, scan receipt and earn cash.

The any-brand, any-item bonuses are usually just a few cents each. Featured products (from sponsoring brands) can pay $1 to $20 or more. But with any supermarket trip you make, there’s at least some money earned. If you’re not uploading your receipts to Tada now, you’re throwing away money with every shopping trip.

You’re probably chucking out anywhere from 20-cents to 2-dollars, minimum with every visit. And with other ways to earn, the savings build up to be quite substantial.

Here’s How to Get Started with Tada and Earn Your First $40

I’ll walk you through step by step how to get started with the Tada Cash Back Shopping App and how to earn your first $40.

1 Sign up for Tada

You can sign up for Tada online through your browser on your laptop, tablet, desktop, or smartphone at Or, you can install the free Tada app on your phone. Tada is featured in both the Google Play and iTunes stores.

Sign up on desktop or mobile at

Or you can download the Tada app in Google Play or iTunes.

2 Select Your Supermarket Offers

Select your supermarket offers. In your smartphone, scroll down to the different categories like Dairy & Eggs or Pantry.

Browse by category for cash back shopping offers in the Tada app.

On your laptop or tablet, just select “Magic Receipts” in the top navigation bar.

A small sampling of the Magic Receipt offers you can look through on desktop. Search “All” items at once or search by specific category.

You can also browse deals by popular merchants like Walmart, Target, Ralphs, Kroger, and more.

To give you an idea of how much you can earn in Tada cash rewards, here’s a sampling of Tada offers I redeemed for my household with our last grocery trip (shopping for a family of four: 2 parents and 2 kids).

  • Bananas: $0.02
  • Cucumbers: $0.02
  • Strawberries: $0.02
  • Apples: $0.02
  • Potatoes: $0.02
  • Oranges: $0.02
  • Brocoli: $0.02
  • Avocados: $.02
  • Mixed nuts: $0.02
  • Chicken: $0.02
  • Steak: $0.02
  • Ground hamburger: $0.02
  • Buns (hotdog, hamburger): $0.04
  • Toilet paper: $0.02
  • Body wash: $0.02
  • Facial tissue: $0.02
  • Shaving cream: $0.02
  • Dry dog food: $0.02
  • Dry cat food: $0.02
  • Coffee: $0.02
  • Orange juice: $0.02
  • Tea: $0.02
  • Milk: $1.00
  • Bread: $1.00
  • Eggs: $1.00
  • Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup (2 Bottles of Thick and Rich, 24 oz.): $2.50
  • Orajel Kid’s Toothpaste (2 tubes): $2.50
  • Sunsweet Prune Juice (my kids love it): $1.00

Total Cash Rewards: $9.48

3 Make Your Next Store Purchase Online Instead of In-Store

Plenty of stores that I shop at regularly, including Kohl’s, Nordstrom Rack, Macy’s, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Old Navy, also have a website. Instead of making your next Old Navy purchase at your local Old Navy store, visit Old Navy through Tada. Spend $100, and get $3 cash back.

Old Navy is one store of over 1,000 that offers cash back rebates.

In addition to Old Navy, there are over 1,000 featured stores offering cash back rebates ranging from 1% up to 20% or even more. For your first purchase of $25 or more from a store in the Tada shopping portal, you’ll earn a free $10 bonus.

Cash Rewards for Cash Back Shopping and First Purchase Bonus: $13

Total Cash Rewards: $22.48

In addition to the cashback shopping rebates you can get, you’ll find the store’s latest coupon codes and savings and deals alerts. You get to take advantage of all the deals and earn cashback rewards.

4 Explore the Free Offers in Tada’s Offer Discovery Portal

Like the popular Swagbucks cash app, you can earn cash rewards on Tada for discovering new products and services. Contact lenses, crafting classes, streaming services, auto insurance quotes, recipes, books, new app games, and more. Companies and creators want more people to engage with their offerings.

Earn cash rewards for discovering new games, apps, products, and services in the Offers portal on

You can earn real cash, anywhere from 2-cents to $200 for trying these sweet deals. For some of them, you are offered a steep discount (i.e 75% off your first month) and an additional cash bonus upfront to persuade you to try. For other offerings, like installing the Box Tops app, they’re completely free. Many of the offers offer cash back shopping savings and super cool prizes, like bracelets, journals, or eBooks.

Top Free Offers on Tada to Install or Try and Earn Rewards

  1. $5 Welcome bonus – Install the Tada app and scan you first receipt in-app and get $5.00.
  2. Box Tops App for Education – Install the free app on your Android phone and earn $1.00.
  3. Sam’s Club – Sign up for the email newsletter, earn $0.70.
  4. Discovery Daily Interests – Search and explore trending topics, earn $0.10.
  5. AARP Rewards – Enter their sweepstakes and provide your mobile number and verify it, earn $3.00.
  6. Free Samples – Sign up for free samples when you complete your profile, get $0.25.
  7. Betty Crocker – Sign up to get free Betty Crocker recipes delivered to your inbox, get $0.40.
  8. – Register and search job listings on, earn $0.05.
  9. BUFF Games – Sign up for Buff to play video games on Windows and earn 70 points within 6 days, get $5.00.
  10. Box Tops for Education (General Mills app) – install the app and scan your first receipt with any General Mills purchase, get $10.

Cash Rewards for Trying Free Tada Offers: $25.50

Total Cash Rewards: $47.98

Redeem Your Cash Earnings from Tada

You can redeem your Tada cash back shopping rewards once you’ve reached $20 or more in earnings. Just select “Redeem Cash Back” located in the upper right hand corner of the navigation bar on

In the app, go into your account settings and select the top option for “Rewards”.

Available Reward Options on Tada

  • PayPal cash deposits. A PayPal deposit is made directly in your account.
  • Prepaid Visa gift cards
  • Sephora gift cards
  • Ulta gift cards
  • Nordstrom gift cards
  • Gamestop gift cards
  • Or choose from popular store gift cards to over 100 other retailers, including Amazon, best Buy, Target, Walmart, or Macy’s. Gift card redemptions are delivered electronically.

It shouldn’t take you much more than 30 – 50 minutes to put in the time to earn your first $40+ on Tada, not including time spent on your shopping purchase at the grocery store.

Final Thoughts on Tada and Other Popular Cash Apps

There are plenty of cash back shopping savings apps and rewards sites out on the market, promising you free gift cards and hacks for saving money.

But with most of these apps, you can’t easily earn rewards. All these apps will do is dramatically decrease battery life of your phone – and clog up your screen so you can’t find the apps that are truly useful to you.

But the free Tada cash back shopping and receipt app offers you free promo codes, PayPal cash, and gift card rewards for buying everyday things that real people buy. You can save money and earn free gift card rewards for exploring new products and services in the Tada Offers portal. And you can earn free cash for printing grocery receipts, up to $0.50 a day or $15 a month.

Right now, the Tada app is where you can scan and upload your shopping receipts. Cash back shopping, cash back grocery item deals, and Tada Offers are available in your web browser (i.e. Chrome). You can visit from your mobile phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet.

You’re already earning money with Tada, because you’re already buying milk and bread and eggs and other generic grocery goods. Stop leaving that money behind and join Tada today.

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