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Stores That Give Cash Back On Your Debit Card Purchases

By August 23, 2021August 23rd, 2022No Comments

By Dannie Phan

Cash back services benefit consumers and businesses alike. Consumers can save money without the extra hassle of collecting coupons or scanning receipts while brands can get an inside look at their customer’s spending habits. As an added bonus, when you have the opportunity to make a cash withdrawal grocery checkout, you save a trip to the ATM.

Not all debit card services offer cash back rewards, and neither do all businesses. With that in mind, take a gander at the ones that do and see for yourself where you can benefit from a transaction.

What Is Debit Card Cash Back?

Debit card cash back is a service provided by your affiliated bank or financial institution. When you make a purchase at affiliated stores, you’ll automatically get cash back at the point-of-sale. By allowing customers to get cash back and earn rewards, businesses can increase consumer loyalty and sales.

What’s The Difference Between a Cash Back Debit Card and a Cash Back Credit Cards?

Unlike credit cards, you won’t have to check your credit score check to qualify. There is often a minimum balance requirement or an annual fee/monthly fee but typically these are waived if you have a recurring direct deposit. 

It’s always good to be mindful of your account balance and debit card transactions to prevent overdraft fees. If you don’t like traditional brick and mortar institutions like Bank of America consider using online brands such as Paypal account or Venmo that grew from a simple payment mobile app. Card issuers can get cash back from popular online merchants and when they swipe their cards in-store. Make sure to check that your financial institution is protected by the FDIC.

What Is The Benefit of Cash Back Debit Cards?

As mentioned, cash back services do businesses good by encouraging repeat customers and allowing for more in-person transactions. Cash back benefits consumers, though, too. You can save money, earn rewards, and sometimes win prizes.

Do All Debit Cards Have Cash Back?

Unfortunately, not all debit cards come with access to the cash back service. You’ll need to speak with a representative from your financial institution or store to make sure you have this service available to you. You may have to upgrade the debit card you’re using.

How Does Debit Card Cash Back Work?

Your debit card is directly linked to your checking account. When you use this card to make a transaction, you pay for it immediately instead of using bank credit. As a result, a debit card purchase will immediately remove funds from your checking account.

Cash back services take advantage of the inherent connection between your debit card and your bank account.  Once you’ve concluded the transaction at the point-of-sale, you’ll be credited for your cash back, and your bank account will recognize the withdrawal.

Top Stores Offering Cash Back Debit Cards

More often than not, you’ll be able to get cash back programs from popular merchants. Often they only offer credit cards but these favorite stores have debit card options that you should look into if you find yourself shopping there frequently but don’t want to rely on credit.

  • Target: The Target debit card delivers 5% off all in-store and online purchases as well as free shipping and an extra 30 days for returns.
  • Walmart: The Walmart Money Card allows you to earn 3% Cash Back at, 2% Cash Back at Walmart fuel stations, and 1% Cash Back at Walmart stores, up to $75 each year.
  • Nordstrom: The Nordstrom debit card works more like a rewards program. Shoppers earn two points per dollar spent and a $20 store gift card after netting 2,000 points. Other perks include reimbursement for in-store alterations and early access to annual sales.

Some of these stores may put a limit on how much cash back. you can receive in a month or each year. Cash back comes in handy when you’re looking to save on everyday purchases like groceries and household items, or just when you want to have cash on hand. Why not check and see if your debit card provides you with this service? If you do, or if you have the opportunity to secure it.

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