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How to Get Unilever Brands Coupons & Save Money

By July 27, 2021April 23rd, 2024No Comments

By Danielle Pietersen

Famous for their Dove Real Beauty advertising campaign, Unilever is committed to tackling poverty and building an inclusive and equitable society. From humble beginnings, Unilever has grown into a vast company with more than 400 brands and with Unilever products available in 190 countries. Many of the Unilever brands have become household names and Unilever coupons are widely available and easy to find.

The History Of Unilever

Unilever was formed in 1930 when the companies, Lever Brothers and Margarine Unie NV (known as Margarine Union Limited in Britain) decided to join forces. The businesses may have had humble beginnings in the soap and margarine industries but had each grown into sizeable companies before joining forces and renaming themselves Unilever. 

Both companies were, at the time, selling their products in the Dutch and British markets, and both used fat as the primary ingredient for their products. It was an excellent match and they were soon able to expand and diversify their products.

Unilever Expands

After the Second World War, the company expanded quickly to include detergents, cosmetics, and a range of personal care and household products. Today they own some of the best-known brand names worldwide. Unilever makes and sells products under more than 400 brands across the world. The list is obviously extensive and includes brands like Magnum, Axe, Hellman’s, Knorr, Dove, and Ben & Jerry’s.

Unilever Marketing 

Unilever has shown its commitment to environmentally and socially responsible advertising that promotes the values of the company. Their memorable ad campaigns include the Dove Real Beauty campaign which featured a diverse group of women lined up in their underwear and the Comfort One Rinse campaign which promoted saving water. 

How To Save On Unilever Products

There are a few ways to save big on Unilever products. Shopping around and searching for coupons, takes a little extra effort, but there are such great deals to be had, and the savings make it all worthwhile. Luckily the internet and online shopping have made coupons and discounts easy to find and apply. 

Clip Unilever Coupons

Actual paper coupons are available for many of the brands Unilever owns. These coupons are most often available in stores and in various newspapers. There are some great savings to be had and sometimes even free samples. 

Simply take your coupons with you when you do your shopping and then use them at the checkout to get great deals. Some coupons are store-specific, so remember which ones to take and where to apply them. 

When you’re done with your shopping, check your receipts for any further discounts. If you use a rewards program, you might be able to upload your receipts to earn extra points and get even more savings.

Use Dedicated Coupon Sites

Online coupons work much the same as actual paper coupons. These coupons can be found in a variety of places online and there are even dedicated websites to help you easily search for coupons that you’re looking for. Unilever coupons are widely available and can be found for a variety of brands and products.

Online coupons are available as printable coupons and also as discount codes which you can use if you’re shopping online or in-store. If you’re applying an online discount code, you can usually just copy and paste it when you shop online. Being able to copy and paste or simply click and follow a link makes using coupons online quick and easy. Discount codes and coupons that include free shipping are a real win if you’re shopping online.  

Use A Rewards Program 

Websites like Swagbucks offer an extensive range of coupons, discounts, and rewards. Rewards sites are an easy way to have access to a large variety of products and deals. It’s simple to search the website to find Unilever coupons. 

Along with a very extensive offering of coupons and discount codes, they offer an impressive rewards program. You can earn points for completing simple tasks, like uploading receipts or taking a survey. Redeem your points to earn rewards like Amazon and Paypal vouchers. It’s free to sign up and the website is really fun to use. 

There are new coupons and rewards being added all the time, so be sure to check the site regularly. There are great deals to be had from well-known Unilever brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Dove, and Axe. 

Where Can I Get Unilever Coupons?

Here’s where you can more coupons (print coupons and digital coupons) for Unilever.

  • Coupon inserts in newspapers. Even if you don’t get the paper, there can be good stuff in the coupons sections. When I’m at the coffee shop, I’ll peruse the Sunday ad inserts.
  • Social media. Follow your favorite Unilever brands on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Coupon and promos aren’t common, but they come along occasionally. And when they do post deals, the savings are really good.
  • Sign up for brand newsletters. You can sign up to get the brand’s email newsletter. You’ll get product tips, exclusive content, and special savings.
  • Get the app. You can find a number of free Unilever apps, including the Ushop Unilever app, Dove Nutritive Solutions, and Dove Love Your Curls.
  • Save that receipt. Scan your store receipts (supermarkets, drug stores, and more) and earn rewards. Some apps will pay you points that you redeem for gift cards. You earn for purchasing specific products, and Unilever goods are often featured. Tada is one such app that will pay you for receipt.
  • Target Social Savings (formerly known as Cartwheel). Use this free app to save big on all brands that the store carries. Find digital coupons within the app and exclusive deals, like buy $20 worth of health and beauty products (Unilever included), get a free $5 gift card. Target has a lot of free gift card deals for category purchases that reach a certain dollar amount.
  • Use shopping apps. Use shopping apps like Tada, Ibotta, or Shopkick. Earn rewards that you can redeem for PayPal cash or free gift cards. Earn rewards for checking into stores, scanning product barcodes, and more.

Where To Buy Unilever Products

Unilever products are well known and widely available. Many of their brands are popular household names and can be found in brick-and-mortar grocery stores and wherever you do your online shopping. If you’re looking for some of their more specialized products like hair care products or green household products, you’ll easily find them online.

If you’re shopping online, applying coupons and discount codes is quick and easy. Don’t forget your Unilever printable coupons if you’re shopping in-store and remember to upload your receipts on qualifying items to earn points with your rewards program.

The Best Unilever Coupons

If you’re after the best Unilever printable coupons, online coupons, and discount codes, then knowing how to search for them is important. Simply typing ‘Unilever coupons’ into your browser will probably bring up some results, but to find the best deals, you’ll need to be more specific.

Unilever is a really big company with many brands. Most coupons available will not be labeled as Unilever coupons, but rather under their specific brand and product name. 

Searching specific rewards sites for specific products and brands is the best way to find the deals you’re looking for. Instead of searching for ‘Unilever’ on a rewards site, try searching for ‘Dove’ or ‘Axe’ or ‘Ponds’. Searching within a specific site will help narrow your results and find coupons that can be used in your area.

Combine Your Methods

Coupons are widely available online and in-store, so you really don’t need to limit yourself to only using one source of coupons and discount codes. Combine deals from rewards sites, coupon apps, and newspapers to get the very best deals.

If you can’t find a deal on the product you’re looking for, then remember you can use Swagbucks to earn points and get vouchers. Using those points is a great way to get products for free even when there are no coupons or discounts available for them.

Unilever Brands

Not sure which brands to search for or where to start? Unilever has far too many brands to try and list them all, but here is a list of some of their most popular brands. 

Unilever Food And Drink Brands

Hellmann’s, Knorr, Lipton, Magnum, Talenti, Ben & Jerry’s, Magnum, Breyers, Good Humor, Klondike, and Popsicle

Unilever Home Care Brands

Seventh Generation, Comfort, Domestos

Unilever Personal Care Brands

Axe, Dove, Dove Men+Care, Ponds, TRESemme, Vaseline, Caress, Degree, Lever 2000, Nexxus, Noxzema, Q-tips, Simple, St. Ives, Suave, TIGI , ApotheCARE Essentials, Love Beauty and Planet, and The Good Stuff

Steps for finding and using Unilever coupons online

To enhance your shopping experience and ensure you’re getting the best deals, follow these steps:

  1. Visit dedicated coupon websites or use apps like Swagbucks to find Unilever brand coupons.
  2. Check for exclusive online codes, printable coupons, and any special offers.
  3. Make sure to apply the discount or coupon code at checkout when shopping online.
  4. For in-store shopping, remember to bring your printable coupons and present them at the register.
  5. Sign up for newsletters of your favorite Unilever brands to receive updates on new coupons and promotions.

By following these steps, you can maximize your savings on Unilever products.

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