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How to Get Clothes for Free

The average American woman in the 1930s had around 9 outfits. Those outfits included something casual, a dressier outfit, a fancy outfit, perhaps something to do housework or gardening in. The average woman in modern times has 30 outfits. The cost of an American family's clothing is around $1700 per…
Amie Nogrady
May 5, 2022
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Sephora at Kohl’s

Sephora and Kohl's are two retailers that are great separately. Now Sephora and Kohl's have formed a partnership as Kohl's breaks into the beauty business. At select Kohl's store's customers can now purchase Sephora products. Beginning in August of 2021 Kohl's shops will begin adding Sephora beauty products in some…
Paige Naughton
March 3, 2022